Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bider's first sleepover....

Our totally cool neighbors, who's real identity we will protect by referring to them as biscuits, gravy and eggs are totally enamored with Bider. So much so, that they don't seem to mind when Bider magically teleports into their yard, and helps Brinks mantain his athletic physique through a program of vigorous exercise, and eating all Brinks' food. Not to mention the gigantic foundation destabilization\excavation program both dogs have undertaken while we aren't looking. Bider can move some dirt folks. Were talking a cubic yard in 20 minutes. He digs faster than two men with shovels. 

So when the opportunity presented itself to ingratiate myself to them in the form of a small favor, needless to say, I jumped at the chance. Gravy was stuck at the Waffle House Airport, I believe with Eggs in tow. Biscuits had left that morning for Phoenix, and left the dog in the backyard until Gravy and Eggs could get home. Gravy just wanted me to water Brinks, but I said how about a sleepover? Both dogs behaved themselves way better than anyone could have expected. The real funny thing was the way Bider was acting towards Brinks by not letting brinks play with his toys, or when it came time to lie down in their beds, (we have two for Bider) Bider would get up and lie down in Brinks' bed, and when Brinks would settle in Bider's he would do the same thing. Eventually Bider found his manners and they settled down til about 4 a.m. when I heard them playing and crashing into stuff in the living room. It was just like my sleepovers when my Dad would come out in his underwear and yell at me and my friends to shut up and go to bed. Incredible.  

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