Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bider Dog-Blog Launch!

Hi folks, Bider and I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog detailing our experiences. Our biggest reason for doing this is so people and dogs everywhere who face the same challenges Bider and I face can learn from our successes and failures as both master and dog.

We also felt the need to combat the ignorance and misinformation out there concerning large breed dogs, their training, care, and socialization. Too many large dogs, and dog breeds get labeled as dangerous, untrustworthy, aggressive, or just plain mean.

Of course it's not the dogs, it's the apathetic owners, the misinformed people who make the laws, and the ignorance of man which caused the traits to be so prevalent. (In many cases we created these ourselves through unsound breeding and socialization practices).

My dog, Bider is the product of a flawed system which values consumer appeal and appearances, over what is really good for people and their domesticated animals, especially the GSD, the most intelligent, loyal, and hardest working of all large dog breeds.

The idea that "Well, this dog isn't working out, so I'll just dump him." is indicative of the type of throwaway society we live in, where relationships, life, and love - come second to convenience, money, and instant gratification.

I knew when I adopted Bider that this entire socialization and training process would be difficult, but ultimately worth it. Already after a few short weeks, I can really see it starting to happen, the light has gone on within him so to speak. You are welcome to join us for the ride....

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